About us

Azienda Agricola Giuseppe Cipolla

“Passofonduto” is a place, a land, a house, and the beating heart of a project born in 2014. Set in Platani Valley, along the border of Agrigento and Caltanissetta provinces, this chalky – sulfur rich area of Sicily, surrounded by large chalky rocks, wooded areas, aromatic and spontaneous grasses, vegetable gardens, cereals, olive groves, almond and fruits trees.

Our Wines

The true power of this winery owned, comes from the technique called “Alberello” (derived from ancient Greek viticultural techniques – the wine have no wires or support and grow low and densely in the vineyard), on the clayey -calcareous soil with an important presence of chalk with craftsmanship respecting the soil, the grapevine and the environment.


Island of quiet, abandon, impetuous and splayed of beauty;
Land of generous nature and clear light.
Island of childhood, fables and story tales. Island of history.

Vincenzo Consolo