According to Joseph Beuys, man and environment are inseparable and interdependent.
“Defending nature“ means defending man creativity and human values

Identity and vision

Giuseppe Cipolla

The desire to express myself and my freedom leaded to me on producing wine in C.da Passofonduto, located above a hill around Platani river. A long walk lasting for 10 years: a preparatory path using my bare hands in to the ground where I experimented emotions, mixtures, vinifications, they leaded to plant grapevine searching for the perfect harmony between environment, soil, raising, grape variety and man.

“Go back to being farmers”

A project in progress, whom I’m full time married with, has brought me back to the place of my childhood, with a great task of custody and projection toward experimentation, the production of healthy food, biodiversity safeguard and landscape, the performing of slower life, the welcoming and sharing.

This represents the connecting link between my origins and my future.

A new humanistic vision.

Our Wines

The true power of this winery owned, comes from the technique called “Alberello” (derived from ancient Greek viticultural techniques – the wine have no wires or support and grow low and densely in the vineyard), on the clayey -calcareous soil with an important presence of chalk with craftsmanship respecting the soil, the grapevine and the environment.